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“Clay can be dirt in the wrong hands - but it can be art in the right hands.” 

– Lupita N’yong’o

Few Materials are as Durable, Beautiful, and Versatile as Tile

Ceramic tile is an amazingly durable and versatile construction material. The Smithsonian has pottery from China that is over 4,000 years old and tile is used today to insulate rockets. We started using ceramic tile when one of our clients went to Europe and fell in love with the wonderful terra cotta patios you find in the south of France and the mountains of Northern Italy. 

In outdoor applications, this material is perfectly strong enough to handle even the harshest of winters, and makes for a wonderful outdoor material for patios and pool copings. We also design and install interior tile work - bathrooms, kitchens, foyers, mudrooms, including walls and floors. If you’re considering an alternative wood or linoleum, ceramic tile installation may be the ideal solution.

Endless Design Possibilities

From tiny intricate mosaics to large contemporary pieces, ceramic can be easily customized to reflect your personal taste. With a virtually endless range of colors, patterns, shapes and textures, the finished look can truly extraordinary.

Extremely Low Maintenance

Muddy foot traffic, spills and other day-to-day household accidents are no match for ceramic tile. In most cases, a simply mild detergent solution is all you need to keep the material looking brand new - year after trouble-free year.

A Superior Value

Ceramic tile has proven time and again to offer one of the best overall values compared to other flooring materials. As an upgrade frequently sought after by by homebuyers, ceramic tile has repeatedly been shown to increase the value of a home.

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