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“Nothing in the world is as soft and yielding as water. Yet for dissolving the hard and inflexible, nothing can surpass it.”

–  Lao-tsu

The Power of Water - for Better or for Worse

Consider the Grand Canyon - small amounts of water, set in motion over long periods of time. On a much smaller scale and of course within a much more limited time frame, the same principles apply to your own property.

Unfortunately, houses often are built where they never should have been built. Or perhaps there are neighboring homes with massive roofs, draining onto your property. Both the natural topography of the surrounding area as well as all the man-made interventions, like adjacent construction, paving patterns, and the loss of tree canopy can have significant effects on your specific water management demands. 

Few things can deteriorate or even destroy your home’s structure and its landscaping more quickly than unmanaged, unmitigated water. An important part of our job is to move water away from your house to help protect its foundational integrity. We also want to ensure that your yard is dry enough to use - not attracting mosquitos and other pests. We make an environmentally conscious effort to treat water as a valuable resource, replenishing the underlying aquifer - protecting the community’s water supply. The goal is to recycle the water, letting it percolate into the ground.

As we all know, both our local weather patterns and the climate as a whole are changing. It’s no longer unusual to experience much heavier amounts of rainfall – in duration, frequency, and volume. We therefore analyze your particular situation carefully, assessing where you are most vulnerable, in order to recommend the least expensive, most effective. and most comprehensive water management solutions. 

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