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“My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece.”    

– Claude Monet

The Front Yard - Your Face to the Neighborhood

Front yard landscaping is primarily enjoyed from the street and is obviously an essential component of every design plan. More often, however, we are designing these types of front yard garden areas as visual extensions of the front porch - spaces where you can comfortably interact with your neighbors, or just see what’s going on in the neighborhood. The ideal solution will strike a balance between your need for privacy while also contributing to a sense of community.

The Back Yard - A Central Point of Focus

Often these types of landscape design solutions have a gathering space, such as a patio or deck. As a point of focus, a centralized idea like a fire pit, a fountain, or a dining gazebo can effectively extend the times of the day, the weather conditions, and the seasonality during which the space can be most effectively enjoyed.

Bringing the Outside In

However, a more comprehensive approach includes landscaping designed to be visually enjoyed from both inside and outside of the home. Gardens become virtual extensions of the residence - connecting the inside to the outside.

Lighting and Heating Can Expand Both Beauty and Utility

It makes sense to consider a landscape lighting plan to further extend the utility and aesthetics of the garden space. The idea is to provide comfortable access to at least three seasons of the year by using exterior lighting - and even supplemental heating for decks, patios, and screened-in porches.

A Comprehensive Range of Options

• Complete landscaping services - design, installation, and maintenance

• Masonry in brick, flagstone, and building stone for walls, patios, waterfalls, garden pools, and driveways.

• Swimming pool surrounds, both paved and landscaped

• Decks, trellises, gazebos, pergolas, and arbors

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